Swirling more and more out of control, you’re skidding, trying to grasp for some friction, to help find your hold, and as you edge to the edge, to the point of being lost to existence, your strength saves you, like muscle memory, from being here so many times, that you know just where to find, […]

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” I am strong.” it’s easy for me to forget that, after all, its easier to deal with the life I have, by treating it as casually as I can, to speak of it like it does nothing to you, does not faze you, doesΒ not make every fiber of your skin feel like it’s not […]

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Blink, My ceiling is white, Blink, My fan has way too much dust Blink, Is that a crack in my wall? Blink, I hear something ruffling, Blink, I’m really tired, Blink, I really want to sleep, Blink, Let me just keep them shut for a while, Blink, We were supposed to try to sleep, Blink, […]

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Words I wish I said

I never have been someone good at the words one says out loud, The social anxiety, Always holding words, From escaping my mouth. It didn’t matter what I had to say, be it good or bad, When I was overwhelmed, It was hard to let anyone else know that. I’ve gotten better, over time, but […]

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Christmas. A time of year where not am I only extremely excited but also feel warm and fuzzy in my stomach. Where giggles erupt randomly and I’m constantly singing.Β  I can be found staring into a zone for hours with a smile on my face because of all the love that is being shared. Christmas, […]

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Depression 2.0

You ever feel like there are so many words you could be saying but just don’t know how to say anymore. How many more metaphors, Similes, Personifications, How many more different ways can I, Explain the same thing over and over again, I don’t know. It gets tiring trying to write, Because every explanation is […]

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I wish I could tell you that like in our movies, life simply has not reached its end until everything becomes picture perfect. I really do. But that’s not how life works, life has brutal endings. That’s just how life is sometimes. You know, life had a bad day, and so it took its anger […]

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I’m an ace.

Hello, internet. So I’ve been writing and rewriting this post over and over again because I guess when you’re part of a community that is constantly fighting for its rights to love and just be, there is some sort of pressure to be saying the right things because you don’t want to misrepresent. But you […]

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